Producers are the one who we can say that the backbone of the songs. They put their full effort to make the song in the hit list. You can see that there are so many singers in which we can dance and move our heads while listing them like a songs of Rihanna’s and Eminem’s songs.

Producers are like the one who knows that how to make crisp of the songs to the audience and clear sound of songs. They have an authority to change the lyrics of the song even music or even the artists just to make the quality of the songs.

They spend major part in their lives in developing, finding and sharpening the skills in many famous artists.

Only few people can give the consideration to be producer, or spend several account of the time and put lots of effort on it. Being a producers, music producers or movie producers they are hardly acknowledged for a work they do bring out a product.

Producers polish so many artists like Taylor Swift, Britney spears, Rihanna and Madonna and so on. They will surprise you guys to bringing out best music to all of you that you guys love too and they have a remarkable standard in to the industry.

Richest Music producers are the one who put their full effort or time to complete the project in a good way. They also spend time in developing skills of an artist to meet up the expectations of a critics, record labels and fans.

We are listing down the top 10 richest music producers who may not gained credit to all their songs in all careers. These are as follows.

10. T-Bone Burnett:


His real name is Joseph Henry Burnett but famous and richest music producers with the name as T-Bone Burnett. He is an American producer and playing soundtrack, songwriter and record producer.He has $15 million net worth.

He is known as the one of the legendry producer in the music industry having record of three decades in his successful career. He is extremely experienced in traditional soundtrack that delivers those are American.

He is one of the associations that always have at the top list in the music industry like Allison Krauss, The Counting Crows, The Wallflowers they are few of them that we mentions it.

9. The Neptune’s

The Neptune’

This is a group of two people those are so talented gentlemen named as Pharell Williams and Chad Hugo.

He recorded so many songs most of them are in the top list and top artist like Busta Rhymes, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Robin Thicke etc.

They also can help so many artists to re-launch their songs and music video in 1990’s to 2000’s. Neptune’s are ob the top rank in which they listed as the top ten richest music producers. Neptune’s has a net worth of $60 million.

8. Butch Vig:


He was a singer to before he was attained the position of a music producer. He is an American producer.

He is also a singer and drummer too. He was best in the album of Nirvana named as “Nevermind”.

This album was the diamond selling in 1991. With the help of recording studio he had and opportunity to work with the Indie region like including; Garbage, the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and The Foo Fighters.

He also delivers the awesome hits in grunge records. Butch also produces the songs like Twilight Saga in the film Eclipse. His net worth is $60 million that he earned through the drummer in the band of Garbage and music producer as well.

7. Daniel Lanois:


He is Canadian producer that recording, vocalist, songwriter and guitarist. He has successful albums with the Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Dylan or any other artist too.

He is among the richest music producer in all over the world. He well has known by the work that is ‘the unforgettable fire’ by Peter Gabriel’s and U2 ‘So’.

In urban bands rock he is the one who is most delicate and required producer in it. He has the net worth of $55 million.

6. Phil Spector:


In 60’s he is come out as the outstanding songwriter, musician and instrumentalist. After complete his mark as the musician, he had the association with the big starts in that times like we can say that Tina Turner, John Lennon, George Harrison and John etc. He has the $100 million of net worth. Phil Spector is the world richest music producer so far.

5. Max Martin:


He was born in 1971, one of the Swedish songwriter and richest music producer too. He has the $250 million net worth.

Major part he can earn by writing song with the band of one of the popular on in Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and backstreet boys and many more.

He got is success through the backstreet boys in which included ‘I want it that way’, ‘Everybody’ and ‘Quit playing games’. He produces another super hit that is well known in the music industry by Bon Jovi “it’s my life”.

4. Dr. Dre:


Dr. Dre doesn’t have any new album from the past few years but his contributions as the producer are not still not neglected. He earned many awards in the career of music producing.

Like he has so many albums like 50 Cents, Tupac, Snoop dog and Ice cube. He is the best rapper and producer to having $360 net worth. He spends his contribution with the Beats headphones and Hp line laptops. In 2012 his earning is about $110 million.

3. Berry Gordy:

. Berry

Berry Gordy is one of the best well known producers in film side, record producer and record executive also has $345 million of net worth.

He is also the president and founder of Motown Records. He is the one who is responsible for many of the artist in which include Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Gladys knight and temptations and many more.

2. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis:

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

They are two producer most talented one in music industry. They put every single song at the hit list. They both are super talented and record producer and songwriter too.

They enjoyed various successes in Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey, SOS Band and many more. They both are among the richest music producer in all decades. Terry Lewis has the $25 net worth and $30 million net worth by Jimmy Jam.

1. Rick Rubin:


Rick Rubin is one of the American producers and also the richest music producer has $400 million of net worth. Rick Rubin has the American music style music songs.

He is also the co producer of the Columbia records. He has the record of many best artists like Kanye west, Johnny Cash and Jay Z and many more.



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